Private courses for couples available on request.

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“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

(Marie Mongan, Founder of HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method)

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a complete childbirth education programme that is designed to help you to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for childbirth. It was developed more than 20 years ago by Marie Mongan in the United States and is now taught around the world. The HypnoBirthing course consists of five classes of 2.5 hours each.

What can I expect from a course with Gentle Welcome?

I am a certified HypnoBirthing educator, with five years of teaching experience. My certification is renewed annually and is dependent on completing stringent requirements of relevant reading, further education and teaching hours.

Classes are small, no more than 5 couples at a time, which allows for intimate discussion and lots of time for questions. My support also does not end when your course ends; I am on hand for the remainder of your pregnancy for any questions. I have a good network of birth and baby professionals in Belgium, and can refer you to other support personnel where needed.

Group courses are taught on weekday evenings. I also offer private courses and these can be delivered at a time and place that suits you (subject to availability).

What will I learn during the classes?

The course is comprehensive and includes the following:

  • Pregnancy and birth physiology
  • Fear: how to avoid the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome in labour and birth
  • Mind/body relaxation techniques, including the five HypnoBirthing techniques of relaxation, deepening, visualisation, affirmations and breathing
  • How your birth companion can support you during labour and birth
  • Pregnancy exercise and nutrition
  • Writing a birth plan
  • Choosing the right caregiver and birthing environment for you
  • Bonding with your unborn baby
  • Positions for labour and birth
  • Breastfeeding basics… and much more!

I explain throughout the course how the techniques and advice can be adapted for a caesarean birth, so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

What are the benefits of using HypnoBirthing during labour and birth?

Moms who use HypnoBirthing tend to have fewer interventions during labour, including fewer c-sections. They also report feeling more prepared, competent and powerful during labour, and are generally more satisfied with their birth outcomes (source: The HypnoBirthing Institute). Anecdotally, many moms also tell us that their Hypnobabies are calmer and cry less than children from the same family that were born without HypnoBirthing.

Do I have to attend classes at a hospital as well?

No you do not; this course will teach you everything you need to know for the birth of your baby.

Does my husband or partner need to come to the course as well?

Yes, if at all possible, your husband or whoever will be with you at the birth should attend every class. Part of the course is training your birth companion how best to support you during labour and birth. However, if your partner is not able to attend every class, or is not able to attend at all, please do not worry, we will make a plan to ensure he has all the information he needs on the day!

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