“What’s having a baby actually about, Mom?” my six year old asks as I navigate the traffic. Our most profound conversations seem to happen on the school run, so it takes me a moment to gather my thoughts before I answer.

Well, what is birth about? Before I had children of my own, I might have said that birth was about healthy babies and mothers, and that was all that was important. But every couple that takes my course and every birth I am present at, teaches me that birth is so much more than just a physical event. Birth is a profound rite of passage that has the ability to influence every level of our being – spiritual, emotional and psychological – either positively or negatively.

Our birth culture is predominantly highly medicalised and it is for this reason that a mindful, gentle birth generally doesn’t “just happen”. It requires careful preparation and knowledge of your options, coupled with a dedicated and passionate birth team that will support your wishes for this most important of days.

I am proud to play just a small role in facilitating more informed, empowered and ecstatic births through my childbirth education classes and doula services. Although my educational background is in Psychology and Health Communication, I only really became interested in how these fields could be applied to pregnancy, birth and motherhood after the birth of my second child. His joyful, beautiful birth could not have been achieved without the HypnoBirthing tools we had learnt, and so I knew I had to become a teacher myself. My training as a professional doula was a natural extension of my classes and in fact, the majority of my doula clients are HypnoBirthing couples as well.

You can find out more about my HypnoBirthing classes and doula packages under the relevant tabs, and I am always available to answer any questions or provide more information. Updated course schedules and prices are available on request.

I wish you the happiest of birthing days!


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