Go-to breakfast


I go through stages when it comes to breakfasts. I went through a strict Paleo stage, which had me eating giant fry-ups of bacon, mushrooms and other veggies at 6am. While delicious and filling, these meals took a bit more effort than I like to expend in the early morning. Onto the smoothie stage…which is where we are now. Smoothies are such a wonderful way to get in a whole lot of fruit and/or veggies plus a protein serving early on in your day. A big smoothie with two bananas can carry me through to lunchtime and the inherent sweetness means you probably won’t be craving chocolate at 10am (no guarantees if you’re pregnant – that’s another story!). Here’s my favourite recipe at the moment:

250ml milk of your choice (I use a mixture of coconut and rice milk)

1-2 ripe bananas

1 big tablespoon frozen berries

1 big tablespoon nut butter (a good quality sugar free peanut butter is fine)

Any powdered superfood or supplement you may want to add – e.g. glutamine, green powder, probiotics etc.

Blitz and you’re done! Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free if you wish and full of goodness.

(It’s been a busy year over at Gentle Welcome but I do have doula vacancies from January 2017. Initial meet and greets are free, and I would love to chat to you about your birth wishes and how I can help. I also offer HypnoBirthing classes, birth story sessions and private mother-to-mother coaching sessions.)

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