Bearing Witness


I saw you; your naked back exposed to the needle, your belly soon to be offered to the scalpel. I felt your knee shaking under my hand; the tear sliding down your cheek glistened in the harsh light.

I saw you; your eyes on the clock, hours of toil already behind you. I know you thought you could not do it for a second longer.

I saw you; summoning the last shred of energy in your body to help your baby out. Muscles straining in your neck; sweat on your forehead.

I saw you; your arms stretching out to touch your babe; but then wrapped around yourself in despair as you surrendered her to the frantic ministrations of the doctor.

I saw you – all of you. I bore witness.

(As a doula, I have the enormous privilege of being present at some of life’s sweetest moments. I also see the tremendous courage, determination and strength it takes to birth a baby – however that happens – and I am in awe every time).

FREE evening event for pregnant mamas

It takes a village to birth a baby, to paraphrase the old saying, and we have such a lovely village of birth professionals in Durban! I’ve had the privilege to meet the most amazing women, and the occasional man, who are as passionate and dedicated to helping families have empowered, healthy and happy births as I am.

I’ll be partnering with Kirsty and Isabel of Blissful Bellies Pregnancy Yoga, as well as Dani of Simply Balanced Beginnings Chiropractic, to offer this FREE evening event this month.

Please join us as we work through some tools and techniques for birth. Meet other mamas-to-be in a relaxed environment, and receive a free goodie bag of pregnancy treats.

See you there!

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