So January is coming and going with its usual speed. We have a third birthday with celebratory cupcakes decorated by the guest of honour himself. Trips to the beach and mangoes eaten dripping with our hands. The kids go back to school and we head off to work. Once again, our days have structure and order.

My moms due this month complain it’s too hot, their ankles are swelling, all the liquid they need to drink with the heat is making them pee every five minutes. I remember: I was pregnant at the height of summer too. It has its pros and cons, just like any other season.

I have after-work drinks with a couple I will doula for in a few months time. We hash out the details of their birth plan. They’re excited and I’m excited. This little one is due around Easter; I wonder aloud if I should pack marshmallow eggs in my doula bag. I make a mental note to ask my mom to host our big family lunch on Easter Sunday so that I don’t have to leave a roast lamb in the lurch.

I plan a pregnancy retreat with some yoga teacher friends. I love yoga and consider it pretty much essential for any woman who wants to survive motherhood with her sanity intact. (It’s also pretty wonderful for preparing for labour and birth of course.) We make notes and draw pictures; it’s coming together and we’ll be able to advertise it soon.

My doula babies from last year are getting big. I get a video of one of them crawling (“I’m exhausted!” her mom says). Another one is pulling herself up to stand. They are happy and healthy and I laugh as I see their gorgeous faces. I must see them soon.

Family and doula life ebb and flow around me. The days are full.

**I still have a few places left on my February HypnoBirthing course, beginning 18 February. Let me know if you’d like to join us, it’s going to be fun.**

(Photo credit: Gentle Welcome. Images may not be reproduced without written permission).

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