What is the story that you have heard about birth? That it is difficult? Terribly painful? Something to be endured in order to hold your darling baby in your arms? In our highly medicalised society, so many of us have been taught that our bodies are flawed and destined to fail; that we are powerless and need to be “saved”.

But what if there was a different story? A story that said that – no matter how or where or with whom you give birth – you deserve to feel calm, joyful and centred. You deserve loving, empathetic support. You deserve to be fully informed about your choices, and to make choices for your baby and your body yourself. In short, you deserve more than the average birthing woman gets today.

Gentle Welcome is a soul-centred childbirth education and support offering, catering for families in Turnhout, Belgium and surrounds. I also offer virtual consults and support to families all over the world, including South Africa, my homeland.

I am

  • A mother of two
  • A Health Communications expert (I hold a Masters of Social Science in Health Communication)
  • A certified HypnoBirthing educator
  • A registered professional doula (training through WOMBS South Africa and currently registered with Vlaamse Federatie van Doulas)
  • A Birth Story Listener (Birthing from Within)
  • A passionate advocate for mothers, fathers and babies before, during and after birth

I believe

  • That holistic childbirth education makes a difference
  • That doula support is essential during labour and birth, as well as postpartum
  • That a calm, happy birth is possible
  • That your experience in the childbearing year matters

I offer

  • Group and private HypnoBirthing classes
  • Prenatal and postpartum doula services (I am currently not attending births)
  • Breastfeeding counselling
  • Birth Story Listening sessions for mothers who have had a difficult, disappointing or traumatic birth
  • Doula mentorship for student, new or experienced doulas and childbirth educators

I would love to be a part of your journey! Contact me for more information.